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Dragon Queen series, book 4; Dragon Bond, Ursula Visser

Paperback, nieuw, eerste druk deze editie oktober 2021, Perubo Publishing

‘In the light of hindsight, so much becomes clear.’

With Wulan as her new home, Mara struggles more than ever with the choices she has to make. Recent events have influenced her mood, and she is spiralling into a self-inflicted solitary existence, pushing even her inner-dragon away. How long will she manage to continue like this, and will her beast be kept dormant?

In Castle Panadyr, the Lord-Magister readjusts to the new location, but his pleasure of this unexpected freedom is short-lived; visitors have found their way into Panadyr and as he gets to know them, disturbing visions tell him of an event that ties them all together.

In the former realm of Queen Leyana, secrets bubble to the surface, and meddling with them will infuriate those who have carefully built their power. They will not release their grip on what they gained so easily, and what follows will affect the balance – all the way up to the new Chief of Wulan.

Dragons. Humans. Visions. Secrets.
In Dragon Bond, Mara has more than one fight to win.

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