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The Seer’s Premonition, Ursula Visser

Paperback, nieuw, eerste druk 3 juni 2022, Perubo Publishing
* Gesigneerd, met kaart, deurhanger én brief van de auteur! 

Binge read Bones and Omen in this bundle!


A Seer, travelling where she is needed, temporarily resides in the city of Paris. Following the calling from an ominous foretelling, she heads to the far North. Only this time, her role involves more than just delivering a premonition.

In the coastal town of Vintervarg, two brothers grow up together, but their life choices couldn’t be more different. A murder shakes the community. It has dire consequences – not only for the perpetrator, but the entire population.

Who kills, and who is the monster?


In Omen, the Seer sets out on a journey towards the Frisian coast, when trouble crosses her path. Unable to foresee what happens next, she’s unsure of her role and her place in the played-out events.

Why hasn’t she foreseen this? Has she lost the sight?

Set against the backdrop of ad 980 Scandinavia, BONES and OMEN are thrilling short stories that combine mystique and mystery.

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