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The Timekeeper Chronicles, book 2; Trials and Errors, Robert Kroon

Paperback, nieuw, eerste druk oktober 2023, Kroon Writing
* Gesigneerd, met auteursbrief en andere extra’s!

Despite all efforts, Highpoint Keep has fallen. The General and her three companions have escaped, but are on the run from an overwhelming force. Can they stay ahead of the Daenor and reach Malachon before the shadows take over the General’s mind?

The older brother, captured and wounded, seeks a way to escape his bonds. Finding an unlikely ally, he tries to find out what has become of his brother. Is he able to outsmart his captors, or will he pay the price for his defiance?

In Daenus, the King is faced with a heavy decision: betray the trust of his people or risk losing his crown. The usurper is returning from Highpoint Keep with an army, but there seems to be a way out. Can the King and his daughter turn the tide, even if it means trusting an enemy?

The diplomat, forced into a corner, has chosen to fight his way out. In a battle for more than just his life, he is facing overwhelming odds. Is there still an opportunity to find peace for the country, and more importantly, himself?

Meanwhile, the founder of an ancient order is sharpening his blade. Deeming those who control unnatural powers a danger, he seeks to kill them all. Will his equally unnatural blade be enough, or will he find his match?

A Keeper is faced with his conscience. Torn between his guilt and his duty, he looks elsewhere for answers. Will he choose for his brothers and sisters, or his beliefs?

Find out in part two of The Timekeeper Chronicles.


“A mixture of Jim Butcher’s Codex Alera and Brandon Sanderson’s Stormlight Archive, but with the multiple POV style favored by G.R.R Martin and others. This author has only just started out, but it is one hell of a start!”
Review ‘Elements Unleashed‘ Goodreads lezer


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